Kings College, Cambridge

Aug 4, 2012

Kings College Yard and Porters Lodge

Kings College Chapel" alt="Kings College Chapel

Sunny day in Cambridge and down goes the laptop. This years summer requires that you make the most of any opportunity the weather provides. Today I travelled into town with Val and wandered through a few of the colleges. One of the things that really struck me was the chapel at Kings College. The vaulted ceiling is amazing, knowing that it was constructed over 600 years ago and largely inspired by “playing” with wooden blocks is a little humbling. The construction follows the basic rules of keystone archways but, in three dimensional wonder. Now if only I had a quarry at my disposal and that 100m x 50m plot of land that’s so easy to come by in the UK. The full scale version took almost 100 years so perhaps I should consider a smaller version. Apparently the fan vault at Kings is the largest of it’s kind but, is found in a few other chapels. If it weren’t for the heating costs I’d seriously consider it for my next house.

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