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Maven to Bazel Preparation

Bazel is a fast build tool that works well with a monorepo. This post aims to provide some quick guidelines when migrating from maven to Bazel.

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Docker for Development

Containers as a concept seem here to stay but there’s a lot of smart cookies exploring “what is the best utility of it for daily development” in particular the reason for this post was “what is the best practise for using security credentials in a container”. This post is my naive attempt at cracking that nut with the hope of getting some healthy feedback.

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Recreational GraphQL use

GraphQLs hype seems to have hit a fever pitch in my tech circle. Like any new technology I figured it’s utility was somewhere between nil and unicorn pixie dust that will “revolutionise” the way I code. The only way to find out was to roll up my sleeves and start coding.

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Clojure Speedup - Class Prefetching

This is my second article in a series on Clojure start-up timings. The focus for this article is Class Prefetching.

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Illustrated Guide to Clojure Start-up Timings

Clojure start-up is sometimes painful. There's lots of methods to amortise the cost such as execution of commands in REPLs, and stand-by JVM's using nail servers and the like. This article aims to illustrate where that time is being spent.

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