JunctionBox.ca is the personal blog of Nathan Fisher, a senior back-end developer at instana.com. The Archive contains my musings on development, DevOps and IT related articles. The Resource section is a dumping ground for links to interesting tools, OS's, and tips I've found on the web. About Nathan is a short overview of me, myself and I...as if a blog wasn't self-indulgent enough! Oh and while I'd hope this is self evident any views expressed here are mine and not those of my employer.

Golang Testing Helper

The receiver (*Testing).Helper was added back in 2017 but is an underrated tool in writing helper functions.

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Git Stacked Commits

Ruminations on Git stacked commits.

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React Tabular Data

React tabular components are often developed in what feels like a strange inversion of the rendering flow.

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Petit Parser for fun

Petit parser is a small lightweight parser that I recently gave a spin to write a PromQL API.

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The Docker Hubpocalypse

Docker is understandably changing it's terms of service for pull requests by anonymous accounts. This will have a big impact on many companies but there are a few approaches you can take to minimise the impact on your Kubernetes clusters.

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