JunctionBox.ca is the personal blog of Nathan Fisher, a senior back-end developer at instana.com. The Archive contains my musings on development, DevOps and IT related articles. The Resource section is a dumping ground for links to interesting tools, OS's, and tips I've found on the web. About Nathan is a short overview of me, myself and I...as if a blog wasn't self-indulgent enough! Oh and while I'd hope this is self evident any views expressed here are mine and not those of my employer.

The Docker Hubpocalypse

Docker is understandably changing it's terms of service for pull requests by anonymous accounts. This will have a big impact on many companies but there are a few approaches you can take to minimise the impact on your Kubernetes clusters.

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New Java Project With Bazel

Bazel can be daunting to setup for your first project this series of posts aims to provide an approach to setting up a new Java project with Bazel.

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State of HTTP2

The HTTP2 spec was published as an Internet Draft May 30th, 2015. Five years later and the capabilities seem to vary wildly across libraries. With HTTP3 fast approaching I was curious the current state of play for some of the bigger libraries I encounter regularly.

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Maven to Bazel Preparation

Bazel is a fast build tool that works well with a monorepo. This post aims to provide some quick guidelines when migrating from maven to Bazel.

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Docker for Development

Containers as a concept seem here to stay but there’s a lot of smart cookies exploring “what is the best utility of it for daily development” in particular the reason for this post was “what is the best practise for using security credentials in a container”. This post is my naive attempt at cracking that nut with the hope of getting some healthy feedback.

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