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Nathan Fisher, Systems Engineer at is the personal blog of Nathan Fisher, a senior systems engineer at The Archive contains my musings on development, DevOps and IT related articles. The Resource section is a dumping ground for links to interesting tools, OS's, and tips I've found on the web. About Nathan is a short overview of me, myself and if a blog wasn't self-indulgent enough! Oh and while I'd hope this is self evident any views expressed here are mine and not those of my employer.

Clojure Speedup - Class Prefetching

This is my second article in a series on Clojure start-up timings. The focus for this article is Class Prefetching.

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Illustrated Guide to Clojure Start-up Timings

Clojure start-up is sometimes painful. There's lots of methods to amortise the cost such as execution of commands in REPLs, and stand-by JVM's using nail servers and the like. This article aims to illustrate where that time is being spent.

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Buck on Travis CI

Lightspeed is too slow. We'll have to go directly to ludicrous speed!! Buck is a ludicrously fast build tool but is not a widely available default on many of the OSS CI services. Here's how I got it up and running for Java.

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Joys of Java Logging

I like to minimise my dependencies. Sadly the java.util.logging library is rather sparse on documentation when it comes to Uberjars. Read on for how I tamed this particular beast (more of a rabbit than a big cat).

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ARC Analysis using Pandas

I've been intrigued about the idea of an Atlantic crossing by sailboat since I've lived in London. I used to race on friends boats back in Toronto for a number of years and I rather miss it in London.

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